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Past Event: Vic Lee Puts A Modern Spin on Seven Dials’ Rich History

August 2012

London-based illustrator, Vic Lee has interpreted unique Seven Dials’ history in his own distinct style and created a range of bold colourful flags for the 7 Designers for Seven Dials project.

Showcased on Shorts Gardens from September 14th, Lee takes direct inspiration from Seven Dials’ rich history with each flag incorporating the old street names of the area. When Thomas Neale first designed the Seven Dials layout, each of the streets radiating from the Seven Dials sun monument had a different name. For instance, Earlham Street was called ‘Little & Great Earlham Street’, Shorts Gardens was labelled ‘Queen Street’ and Mercer Street was ‘Little & Great White Lyon Street’.

Lee also incorporates another part of Seven Dials’ rich and varied heritage within each design. In the 1690s, Neale aimed to establish Seven Dials as the most fashionable address in London. Unfortunately, the area failed to establish itself as Neale had hoped and deteriorated into a slum, renowned for its gin shops. With this in mind, Lee’s flags have been inspired by the different types of characters that lived in the area with inscriptions such as “ragamuffins and herberts” – a nod to the shady history of Seven Dials.

Lee has over 15 years’ experience in the industry, with his works commissioned for well-known brands such as Sainsbury’s, Brompton Bicycles, City University and Harper Collins. His unique and elaborate illustrative style is influenced by his wild imagination and his love of typography, architecture and creative stories. All Lee’s drawings are created by hand in ink and he adapts and creates each piece as he goes along, giving his work fluidity and a sense of quirkiness.

7 Designers for Seven Dials is a collaboration between Seven Dials, Covent Garden’s shopping village and online design magazine, Dezeen showcasing seven leading designers’ work throughout the village in conjunction with London Design Festival. For more information on the project, please CLICK HERE

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