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Past Event: Dominic Wilcox Introduces ‘The Birds of Seven Dials’ To Neal Street

August 2012

Inspired by the nineteenth century book ‘Dickens's Dictionary of London’, British designer Dominic Wilcox has created ‘The Birds of Seven Dials’ on Neal Street.

Referencing Dickens’ description of Seven Dials as a place ‘where many bird shops and bird cage makers could be found’, the installation will feature 20 birdcages of different sizes, shapes and designs hanging in an arch across Seven Dials’ Neal Street. Each cage is left open to symbolise the memory of the bird shops and birds long departed from the street.

East London-based artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox creates unique and innovative objects, drawing and installations, attempting to place a spotlight on the banal and the everyday, by adding a new, alternative perspective on things we take for granted.

This year, Wilcox’s work has been exhibited at the V&A's Power of Making exhibition and the V&A Friday Late event where he gave a performance racing a 3d Printer to make a model of St Paul's Cathedral. Make sure you visit Neal st from 14th September to admire this truly inspiring artistic tribute to Seven Dials.

To see Wilcox’s unique installation, head to Neal Street from 12th September. To find out more about the designer himself, please CLICK HERE

7 Designers for Seven Dials is a collaboration between Seven Dials, Covent Garden’s shopping village and online design magazine, Dezeen showcasing seven leading designers’ work throughout the village in conjunction with London Design Festival. For more information on the project, please CLICK HERE